EndogenicsTM is our proprietary platform that provides a virtual environment to model and simulate the development, dynamic organization, and function of living single or multi-cellular systems, like tissue.

Cells interact with and adapt to their microenvironment through regulatory processes, metabolism, and controlled gene expression.

Our virtual cellular systems are suitable for studying metabolic processes, growth, signaling, differentiation, tumorigenesis, and other processes.

Advancing research by integrating computer modeling and wet-bench approaches

  • simple or complex dynamic, single or multi-cellular systems
  • analysis of data from individual cells or populations
  • hypothesis testing and in vivo or in vitro prediction

Rapid and convenient pilot experiments

  • build, test, & refine cell regulatory and metabolic networks
  • gene alterations (knockouts, knockdowns, overexpression …)
  • network perturbations (RNAi, dose-response, …)
  • micromanipulations (injections, cell ablations, …)
  • alter culture conditions and the microenvironment (media, substrates, …)


Complement your wet-lab and existing data science tools to model and simulate cellular signalling mechanisms, making accurate predictions.

Learn more about some of the virtual tissues we have already created:


Use biological mechanisms and components to design new applications. From biological engineering to computation.

Learn more about our vision for biological general purpose computing:

Understanding biological mechanisms and rationally designing biological applications and organisms to innovate in the fields of:

Medicine, Energy, Agriculture, Super Computing.

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