Thoughts, ideas and news on how we understand and approach biology

It’s About Time

Of all current human endeavors, the life sciences have gained an uncommon stature in recent decades, not seen since the space race started back in the 1960s.

To this day, many of those same analytical concepts, and their modern derivatives, used back then are often attempted to better understand the development of living systems across…

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Building a Virtual Model

Focus on the Biological Mechanism of Interest Our mission is to emulate the development of life by simulating its biological building blocks and their interactions. This focus is on the living cell and its immediate environment. Typically, we are not concerned with everything inside a cell’s wall, but only on those critical elements of its…

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Nature’s Black Box

How Do You Put All Those Data Into A Virtual Tissue?

We don’t.

No more so than nature puts all the necessary biological elements of a living tissue into a fertilized egg. We grow, step by step, a single virtual cell into a virtual tissue.

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Biology’s Exquisite Waltz

Most of us came from a good love story.

From that tiny fertilized egg, we started an intertwined relationship with our immediate environment; each influencing the other, as in an exquisite waltz. A budding cell, gaining in purpose toward a commitment as one of many cell types in a multicellular organism.

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Be The Cell

On its path from a fertilized egg to one of the many cell types in a multicellular organism, a cell turns the blank canvas of its early embryonic state into a molecular profile finetuned to achieve a vital organismal function.

This remarkable transformation emerges from the interplay between dynamically changing external signals, the cell’s internal,…

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